Welcome to Waverly Hills -Tallahassee Insider Blog


Welcome to the FIRST Blog posting of Waverly Hills -Tallahassee Insider                       provided  as a courtesy from Barbara and Sandler Dickson


Welcome to Waverly Hills Tallahassee Insider Blog

You are probably asking who and I and why am writing about Waverly Hills – Tallahassee.

Who  I am with a little background.  My name is Sandler Dickson.  I reside at 729 Kenilworth Road near the 3 way stop sign.  Our home is located the intersection of the Lake Jackson and Lake Lafayette watershed.  My wife Barbara Dickson and three children moved to Tallahassee in July 1972.I am a Professional Engineer by profession.  During my professional career, have worked for United States Public Health Service, National Park Service State of Florida and now work with my wife for RE/MAX Professionals Realty.


In the Community  I have been involved the  City of Tallahassee Sesquicentennial 1974, Bicentennial 1976, WFSU Welcome to Waverly Hills Tallahassee Insider Blog1Action Auction, Spanish Krewe Chief  Andrew Jackson Staff Official Photographer, Historian Springtime Tallahassee,  Board of Director for 10 Years Waverly Hills Neighborhood Association, President 2007-09, Neighbor of Year 2008, Statue  of Florida recipient of    Florida All-State Neighborhood Award

During the time in Waverly Hail, there has been an opportunity to be involved in many projects from conception to completion.  This has provided me my opportunity to take many pictures of many events from snowing in Waverly Hills to the Food Trucks Monday. The blog will include the events from our neighbors, events and all kinds of activities in the Waverly Hills community.  There will be Historical Happenings, from the Past, Present and thoughts of the future.  There will pictures  digitals, music associated with Waverly Hills with some side trips of interest into the nearby Community

This is your invitation to join with those who want a better understating of what we know about Waverly Hills and what we can learn blended with memories to build upon.

Let me know whether you have any thoughts, comments of suggestion,

Let’s keep this open to you.

In appreciation from Your Neighbor

Sandler Dickson



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